Need to go down a rabbit hole of art stuff?

Here is a list to get you started new links added weekly
Here are a couple of quick clips about creative types that inspired me

This is one of my  favorite  paintings ever,
and recently I was sent this link to
New Zealand On Screen –  Profiles – Philp Clairmont

philip clairmont the scared couch

Philip Clairmont the scarred couch

zina nicole lahr
Zina Nicole Lahr –  Creative compulsive disorder
Zandra Rhodes how to use a sketch book

Art Books
Art Movies

Art of Noise Colour Explosions
What music looks like in paint…

Getty Publications Free Virtual art books
I need a long long afternoon to browse this lot…

Art and Music collide in 70 Million by Hold Your Horses
This clip never fails to make me smile

Inspiring Movies for Artists, Designers and Art lovers

I found a link so you can watch Art and Copy online

This is an amazing Pinterest  art collection.
Belonging to NZ  visual art student Marisa Vodanovich. I love it.


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